Sales promotion

Do you want to inspire shoppers to buy your products or increase the performance of your sales partners? Today's product selection is larger than ever and so it is becoming more and more important to get shoppers and sales partners excited about your products and to be loyal to your brand and company. Our concepts and programmes can significantly, influence the behaviour of shoppers and sales partners and thereby increase your profits.


Bonus point programmes

Get long-term customer loyalty with a bonus point programme. By collecting bonus points as a "reward" for return custom, you create a close relationship between your company and your customer base which allows you to offer attractive, high-quality rewards. Movement profiles obtained from individual transactions (credit notes) give you access to valuable information, which allows you to get to know your customers better. This will help you to make more targeted offers in the future.


Sales competitions

Increase your performance with targeted sales competitions. For individual employees, teams or entire departments. Based on our experience, we create a customised concept with tried and tested structures, coupled with a transparent communication strategy and appealing rewards.


Loyalty/collection promotions

Online and offline collection promotions are gaining increasing traction. They are easy for the shopper to understand and use. These types of campaigns usually have a well-defined structure, consisting of BUY - COLLECT -REDEEM, in a limited time frame. They follow a predictable course, which means they can be implemented very quickly. We understand which aspects of collection promotions need to be considered in the planning, implementation and follow-up stages to guarantee success. We don't only provide the expertise, but the corresponding rewards and all associated services as well.

Possible collection mechanisms

  • Sales receipts
  • Codes
  • Labels
  • Stickers
  • Bottle caps
  • Stamp cards

Second places

You want to achieving the best rankings for your brand in the market? We have specifically tailored solutions to address the issue of "second place rankings" to help your sales force deal with this challenge. These not only include provision of raffle items and add-ons, but also the optimisation of your budget by assuming liability for merchandise and managing documentation, decoration and sales promotion supplies. The design and production of competition posters (print-on-demand) customised to the market or trading partner completes our range of services.


Customer clubs

Turn your customers into a loyal community and offer them exclusive advantages as valued members of your customer club. From customer newsletter to special offers to cash-back promotions – let your best customers feel that you appreciate them.


Prize games

Activate customers playfully! Competitions generate a high level of interest, open good communication channels, can be implemented at short-notice and can be costed up-front in a transparent manner, making them effective marketing strategies. Be it to launch a product, for branding or to celebrate an anniversary event. We provide everything you require from the initial proposal to the rewards and the publicity.


Product bundling & add-ons

Are you looking for a solution to increase the turnover of your products? The willingness for impulse purchases is significantly increased with the use of timely add-ons. We understand which add-ons fit your company profile or your products - how you can set yourself apart from the competition and increase customer awareness.