There are numerous e-commerce solutions on the market. However, with most providers you can only buy the shop solution. The implementation is usually carried out by a third party (shop partner/agency), which is also specialized in a certain part of the shop.

Most shops offer numerous features and interfaces, which are already included in the standard package or are offered as plugin. These are usually designed for the mass market, but not for individual B2B business.

With us you will receive a shop solution that is tailored to your exact requirements. In addition, as a full-service agency, we can also offer you further services related to the operation of your shop.

  • shop solution
  • individualization
  • server hosting
  • backup
  • maintenance
  • purchase of goods
  • storage
  • single dispatch
  • purchase fulfillment
  • after-sales-service

The integrated program management allows you to operate several shops simultaneously for different target groups and countries (wholesalers, retailers, employees, locations, etc.).

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admin area

  • Admin Administration
  • Programme management
  • User administration
  • Article management
  • News management
  • Action management
  • Reports

User area

  • Homepage
  • My account
  • News section
  • Field of action
  • Photo gallery
  • Article Shop