At Living Bytes Kundenbindungs- and Kundengewinnungsprogramme GmbH, we create and operate bonus programmes that provide long-term support our customers' sales promotions as well as all their customer/employee acquisitions and retentions.


  • New customer acquisition
  • Customer loyalty
  • Sales promotion
  • Employee motivation and commitment

    IT systems

  • Reward shop solutions
  • Bonus point shop solutions
  • Custom IT solutions


  • Rewards
  • Gifts
  • Promotional items
  • Custom-made items

Mission statement

Our goal is to activate and motivate people and obtain their loyalty. We stand for creativity, flexibility and accountability. We integrate our responsibility to people and the environment into all of our activities.

In this context, we don’t only pay attention to fair value, but also to environmental impact and equitable manufacturing practices. Long-term partnerships in the context of an equitable collaboration are more important to us than the maximisation of short-term profits.

The Living Bytes Team


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Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct defines our principles and requirements with regards to our responsibility towards people and the environment. We ensure that all subcontractors along the supply chain that are commissioned by us also comply with the principles and requirements of this or similar codes of conduct.